Mission Statement

Leebo's, the people pleasing machine!

We offer people what they want and create an experience where they learn to want more.

At Leebo's, we treat each customer as if they are guest at our home...Therefore giving them the " Perfect Leebo's Experience"

Each Customer that pulls into our property is our guest.


Greeting, warm and friendly


Understand, understanding our guest's needs and wants


Eye Contact, we are glad to see each guest in our stores.


Speedy Service, we give fast, friendly accurate service to our guests.


Thankful, we are always thankful for our guests. We appreciate    

each of them and want them to come again.



Office Staff




Lance and Leetha Harris

Dianne Peel

Josh Kelley

Daleigha Meylian

Monica Leblanc

Nelwyn Parler

Amber Johnson

Donna Meylian

Jannette Rose

Talitha Gill

Tina Cedus

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